What We Do

The STD/HIV Program provides these free and confidential services below. Our counselors are ready to answer your questions and provide you with literature (pamphlets, brochures, fact sheets) to further enhance your knowledge of STDs and HIV.



Getting yourself tested is the first step to knowing your status. The STD/HIV Program provides testing for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea (GC), Chlamydia (CT) and trichomoniasis. Currently, the program distributes self-collection kits for GC and CT; these tests involve the collection of either urine or vaginal swab specimens.


Our trained counselors are available to assist you in your decision to get tested. Counseling sessions are client-oriented – everything discussed depends on your circumstances and your needs. Counselors always maintain a high degree of client privacy and confidentiality.


Should you seek additional services other than those our program provides, counselors will provide referrals to other organizations to assist you. Click Here to visit our Partner’s Page


  • One of our goals is to provide education and awareness on:

  • myths, stigma and the reality of HIV and STDs; modes of STD/HIV infection and transmission taking into account client risk factors; and, STD facts (signs, symptoms, consequences)